Our Vision, Mission and Values


Prevent School Violence Illinois (PSVI) envisions a world in which youth, families, and all stakeholders in a school community work together to prepare young people to thrive socially, emotionally and academically and achieve future success in all aspects of their lives. 


Prevent School Violence Illinois (PSVI) supports youth, families and all stakeholders in a school community to create optimal conditions for effective learning and healthy development by raising awareness, engaging stakeholders, and providing expertise and resources.


PSVI recognizes:

  • That Social and Emotional Learning and Development (SELD) – the skills and abilities to understand oneself, oneself in relation to another, oneself within a group and one’s group amongst many groups – is as important as math and English and that strong social and emotional capacitates contribute to success in academics;
  • That bullying and school violence negatively affect every person within a school community- including those who engage in these behaviors - and the community itself;
  • That the prevention of bullying and school violence is most effective when it takes into account the unique issues and context of a school community, integrating the expertise and experiences of all stakeholders within the community, including youth and families;
  • That the impacts of systemic social and cultural issues such as racism, sexism, classism, religious bias, adultism, disability discrimination and homophobia that contribute to negative and hostile environments for youth and adults; and
  • That overreliance on punitive school discipline detracts from a school community’s ability to provide ideal conditions for learning and development and must be replaced by restorative measures.

About PSVI