Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning and Development

What is Social and Emotional Learning and Development?

Social and Emotional Learning and Development (SELD) is the process of acquiring the capacity and skills to identify and manage emotions, develop caring and concern for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and deal with challenging situations effectively and ethically.  Social and emotional competency is essential for young children’s optimal readiness for school; school age children’s optimal success in and out of school; and adults’ optimal ability to thrive and be productive in the world.


The Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force recommends that SEL be fully, completely, and consistently implemented in all Illinois schools and that any and all attendant programs, be they anti-bullying or otherwise, be implemented as part and parcel of SEL and with data demonstrating both their need and potential efficacy… The Task Force submits that, when SEL is fundamental and consistent for all school-based education and for all students and school personnel, bullying prevention will be accomplished.


Relating Social and Emotional Learning to Comprehensive School Transformation

The Task Force’s recommendations state that SEL is central component of Comprehensive School Transformation and the framework upon which optimal conditions for effective learning and healthy development are built.  Research supports its recommendation:

SELD, Effective Learning, and Healthy Development

·         11% increase in standardized achievement (math and reading)
·         9% improvement in prosocial behavior
·         9 % improvement in improvement in attitudes about self, others and school

Research also demonstrates that when schools are able to scaffold bullying prevention onto a larger, more comprehensive framework for prevention and positive youth development such as SEL, they strengthen their prevention efforts while also addressing some of the underlying contributing social, emotional, and environmental factors that can lead to bullying. 


Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (includes, among other things, SEL as a framework for bullying prevention, SEL implementation, and the benefits of SEL) :

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